Undergraduate and MBA
Global Real Estate: Risk, Politics, and Culture
REAL 205x/705x

This is an introductory course to global real estate markets, with a focus on income-producing real estate assets. Globally, estimates suggest the value of investable real estate assets in the world exceeds $60 trillion. We will discuss the basics of valuation and risk management, emphasizing concepts that are salient in the global context, including political risk, currency risk, property rights, and culture. The course will cover markets outside the United States, except for one special topic on international investors in the United States. We will focus more on the qualitative aspects of real estate investment analysis and less on the quantitative aspects. As firms expand their ventures across borders, there is a growing emphasis on the ability to assess and manage risk in a global business environment. Many of these decisions have implications on real estate assets. In this class, we will discuss the real estate business decisions of global firms, such as Blackstone, Hilton, AirBNB, WeWork, Prologis, Walmart and Amazon. This is a full semester course, open to undergraduates and MBA's.

Undergraduate and MBA
Real Estate Finance: Investment and Analysis 
REAL/FNCE 209/721

This course provides a broad introduction to real estate markets. Value of land, real estate prices, basic project evaluation, financing strategies, and capital markets issues related to real estate are covered. No prior knowledge of the industry is required, but students are expected to rapidly acquire a working knowledge of real estate markets. Classes are conducted in a standard lecture format with discussion encouraged. The course contains cases that help students evaluate the impact of more complex financing and capital markets tools used in real estate.